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We have 40 years of experience and have represented clients in more than 10,000 divorce and family law cases.

Experienced Salem attorney provides services at two price levels for services: Reasonable fees for contested and complex divorces, and very low fees for simple and uncontested divorces. Most cases run from $900 to $1700 if uncontested. Complex cases with children, real estate and retirement, or cases with urgent needs for custody, child support, visitation issues, usually start at about $1500 or more. You can have a free 30 minute appointment with the attorney to receive information about the costs for your case and he will give you basic legal advice for your specific case.

 My Law Office Specializes in Only the Following Legal Matters:

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  • Simple and Uncontested Divorce

  • Contested & Complex Divorces

  • Child Custody Disputes

  • Child Support

  • Parenting Time/Visitation

  • Paternity

  • Domestic Partnerships

  • Custody for Unmarried Parents

  • Modification of Judgments

  • Changing Custody, Parenting Time

  • Changing Child or Spousal Support

  • Restraining Orders

  • Immediate Custody Orders

  • Temporary Custody and Temporary child support Orders  

         General Information:

  • Attorney fees and costs.

  • Information about fees and costs available by phone

  • Free thirty minute consultation for some basic information before starting a case.

  • Call: 503-399-9829 for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment to start your case.

  • email: nordykelaw@hotmail.com


We understand that trying to navigate through a divorce proceeding, whether it's trying to find out how to file the initial papers or how to respond when you have been served by a partner, can be a confusing and scary experience. There can be many factors to consider like custody, division of property and assets, child and spousal support, just to name a few. Our rates for divorce cases vary depending on the complexity of the case. A typical uncontested divorce is from $900 to $1700 depending on your situation. We offer a free 30 minute consultation.

In the simplest case, there are no children of the marriage, no real estate, and no valuable assets. Most people with this type of divorce have household furnishings, cars, bank accounts, and few debts. Be sure to bring information on birth dates, social security numbers, addresses, and date of marriage.

If there are children involved the case becomes more complex. We will discuss custody, visitation, child support, and health and life insurance. You will need to bring income information and child care and insurance costs. If you have real property, we will discuss some ideas about keeping, selling, or dividing it, as well as who will make the payments, taxes, insurance, and maintenance. Dividing a pension may carry an extra charge. On all cases other filing fees and court fees will apply. Here is a link to the current Marion County fee schedule.



If you have more than one piece of real estate, a retirement to divide, or more complex issues regarding debt and assets, I will explain your rights and will discuss costs when you come in for your first appointment. Since each case is slightly different, I will explain your costs when you come in and at that time, you can make your decision. If you do not want to go forward, you will owe nothing for the consultation.


In a contested case, the client normally has already been served with divorce papers by the other party and seeks my help with responding to the petition that was filed. Each case is unique and you can discuss that matter with me before making a decision.


In an uncontested case, a week after your first visit, your petition will be ready to sign. At this time, you would usually pay the filing fee. The cost to have a private company or sheriff serve papers is $45-$75, but it is free if your spouse comes in to get their papers or if you have a friend serve your spouse. Ninety days after the papers have been served, if the case is still uncontested, you may return to the office to sign an affidavit and I will send it to the court with your final judgment granting divorce. You will be unmarried on the day that the judge signs the final judgment.

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